Foundations of Puna Ako

Over the past two days we’ve done a couple of sessions looking at constructing a statement from which we will build how our puna ako time will look. Schools and institutions often have these ‘vision statement’ type sentences which I have seen but never really operated from.


This is the first time I have actually been involved in the creation of a fundamental statement and its a real eye opener to the power that these types of sentences really have. If we are really careful to choose our key words then it is something that we can legitimately look back on when we are in our working model to ensure we are sticking to our values.

There are two key elements to this:

Choosing the right words – If we choose elegant and simplistic words which cover exactly what we need them to cover, no more and no less, then we can simply look back and see if we are covering what we believe is necessary. (Ako for example is so important).

What reinforces what – in the above statements, our whanaungatanga and ako are the foundations which drive the reflective and aspirational qualities we will aim to encourage in ākonga (teachers and students represented in ākonga).


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