How will our teaching look?

After putting together the statements that are the roots of our learning environment we next had to look at how teaching and learning will look practically.


We needed to clarify which learning takes place in which time for ourselves. For our students to understand, it needs to be absolutely crystal clear for us. We had some really good discussion when developing this and came up with some hypothetical situations which had some real value in them.

I think i widely held concern is that if we put too much emphasis on student interest driven work, we may miss the intricacies that a traditional education model offers. I’ve considered this multiple times over the process of the last few weeks of 2016 but I have confidence we can wrap a broad curriculum around anything a student wants to engage with.

This is something we will need to work hard at, and constantly remind ourselves of though as we want to empower student learning by giving them choice but still expose them to broader learning within that choice.

We will need to look at how we:

And look at how students:
-set & reach goals
-work toward their goals


One thought on “How will our teaching look?

  1. Hi Clark,

    Some fantastic reflection here – I agree with you, I think our next steps are to all be on the same page in terms of how we deliver and assess curriculum that actually, students need to know, but still keep it free enough for it to be interesting for them and based around their passions.

    As well as looking at how students present, set goals, and pursue goals, we should probably also look at what happens when students choose not to achieve goals, or choose not to set goals. How do we, as Kaiako, and also as a team, work with students to move around barriers?

    Great reflection and great food for thought!


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